Land Paddle


High performance wood land paddle made from the highest quality Japanese Sugi (cedar). Featuring a tapered, laminated oval shaft for superior strength, stiffness and flex. All paddles are made to order so choose your perfect length, grip size & finish.


If you don’t live close to the water, a land paddle is a great way to improve core strength and muscle memory for competitive SUP racing. Ideally you need a nice wide open smoothly paved path i.e. cycleway. Set your trucks nice and loose to make it more challenging or crank them up for straightline stability and get some distance in.

Key Features
  • ➸ Tapered oval shaft provides an even flex with great feel, control and power
  • ➸ Choose any length you want (to the nearest centimetre) – I use one the same length as my height
  • ➸ Choose from 3 grip sizes and wood finishes (see below)
  • ➸ Replacement rubber pads available
Grip Size Guide

Measure round your hand at the fullest point just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb:

  • Small grip ➸ under 19cm
  • Medium grip ➸ 19 – 21cm
  • Large grip ➸ over 21cm
Wood Finish

Visually, all Saka paddles have the same finish satin finish as this proved to be the most comfortable in the hands with a great balance of grip and slide – not too glossy to cause blisters or stick when changing sides. However, there are 3 finish options to choose from:

  • Oil ➸ The most natural finish. This feels great in the hands but requires regular re-oiling. If you’re an occasional user that doesn’t mind taking the time to apply oil every now & then, this is a great option. A minimum of 6 coats of Oil are applied and it comes with a small quantity of premium Watco Danish Oil to keep you going.
  • Varnish ➸ This is basically a tougher version of the oil finish, requiring less maintenance. A minimum of 3 coat of oil/varnish mix are followed by up to 6 coats of the highest quality International Goldspar Marine Varnish. You may need to reapply some varnish once a year to keep it looking tip-top.
  • Resin ➸ This is the hardest wearing finish and is pretty much maintenance free. I’d recommend this option if you are using your paddle near reef or rocks, and for regular use in the surf.
Grain & Colour Variations

All timber is hand selected based on its grain structure which affects strength and weight. Every paddle is unique so please be aware the your paddle will be similar but subtly different from any of the pictures shown on this site. All paddles are made from 100% cedar.

Land Paddle Weight

The weight of wood can vary significantly. Here are some guide weights. Please allow +/-15% but also note that these paddles feel lighter during use due to the weight distribution and balancing.

  • 160cm ➸ 700g
  • 170cm ➸ 725g
  • 180cm ➸ 750g
  • 190cm ➸ 775g
  • 200cm ➸ 800g

If you have any questions about Saka paddles, please get in touch. I may be able to arrange a demo paddle for you to try depending on your location.


under 160cm, 160cm – 200cm, 200cm +


Small, Medium, Large


Oil, Varnish, Resin

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