Pow Surfer


An awesome binding-free snowboard for the ultimate snow surfing experience in powder snow.


Binding-less riding is an unreal sensation. It is ideally suited for use on those deep days when you’re confined to ‘simple’ terrain due to heightened avalanche conditions. Low angle slopes and small terrain features suddenly become a new challenge and there is just something special about slashing a turn in deep snow without having your feet tied down.

Key Features
  • ➸ 133cm length: short & maneuverable
  • ➸ wide 3d scooped nose means the board easily floats up to 100kg rider plus bc backpack
  • ➸ nice mellow progressive sidecut with resin edge to bite into firmer snow
  • ➸ double concave moon-tail with subtle kick provides lift, float & control
  • ➸ webbing leash point goes flat when stood on so you’re free to move around on the board
  • ➸ concave deck aids edge response, much like a skateboard
  • ➸ with foam deck grips boots but snow doesn’t stick
  • ➸ long lasting uv protected resin finish
  • ➸ plywood-free, ultra-strong, lightweight construction: board weight 2.79kg
  • ➸ supplied with pre-waxed (by hand) base
  • ➸ includes high quality rebound leash & climbing spec carabiner

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